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Rafting is an activity along a river using a rubber boat called a raft. Participants work together to control a raft through moving water with varying levels of difficulty, providing an intense experience of adventure and excitement.
When you go rafting, several companies or guides will provide education about safety, basic rowing techniques, instructions for communicating on the raft, and information about the surrounding environment, making this experience not only exciting but also providing an understanding of safety and teamwork. , and the importance of protecting the natural environment.

-The following equipment is generally needed when rafting, including:

  1. Life jacket: Must be worn for safety in the water.
  2. Helmet: Protects the head from impacts when in the water.
  3. Paddle: Used to move the raft.
  4. Appropriate clothing: Usually swimwear or clothing that dries quickly, as well as special water shoes.
  5. Sun protection: For example, sunglasses, hats, or sunscreen.
  6. Additional equipment: Can include a dry bag (waterproof bag) for valuables and personal equipment.

-The following are steps to maintain safety when rafting, namely:

  1. Wearing a Life Jacket: You must wear a life jacket all the time in the water.
  2. Listen to the Guide: Follow the rafting guide’s instructions carefully.
  3. Rowing Technique: Learn the correct rowing technique and follow the guide’s instructions to avoid danger.
  4. Groups and Communication: Work together in groups, communicate with fellow members, and don’t be separated from the group.
  5. Clothing and Equipment: Wear appropriate clothing and ensure safety equipment such as helmets are available and properly installed.
  6. Pay Attention to the Environment: Be aware of water currents, rocks and other obstacles, and avoid unnecessary risks.

It is always important to comply with the safety rules provided by the rafting company or guide and maintain vigilance during the rafting adventure.

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