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Rafting in Bali offers an exciting adventure experience through beautiful rivers such as the Ayung River. With a leading rafting operator like Pertiwi Adventure, you can enjoy the courage of white water rafting while enjoying the amazing natural beauty of Bali.

  • The following things must be prepared before rafting:
  1. Proper Clothing: Wear clothes that are comfortable, dry quickly, and can withstand the weather. Wear swimwear or sporty clothes, and avoid wearing jeans.
  2. Appropriate Shoes: Use sandals or shoes that are safe for water activities. Make sure they fit well and don’t come off easily.
  3. Protective Gear: Use sun protection such as sun cream, hats, and sunglasses to protect against sunlight and water flashes.
  4. Safety Equipment: Make sure to wear a life jacket correctly and according to size. Listen to the rafting guide’s instructions on how to use safety equipment.
  5. Jewelry and Valuables: Avoid wearing unnecessary jewelry or carrying valuables. Provide a special bag for items you need to carry, such as cellphones and waterproof cameras.
  6. Food and Drink: Bring light supplies and water to keep your energy up during the trip. Make sure the food you bring is practical and easy to eat.
  7. Physical Fitness: Although rafting can be enjoyed by beginners, having a good level of physical fitness can make the experience more enjoyable. Make sure you are in good enough shape for physical activity.
  8. Listen to Instructions: It is important to listen carefully to the instructions and instructions of the rafting guide before and during the trip. This is to maintain the safety and comfort of all participants.
  9. Mental Preparation: Prepare yourself for exciting and unexpected experiences. Courage and a positive attitude will make rafting a more enjoyable experience.
  • The following are things you should avoid to maintain your safety when rafting:
  1. Ignoring Instructions: Don’t ignore or ignore the instructions of the rafting guide. It could endanger the safety of you and your fellow participants.
  2. Unsuitable Clothing: Avoid wearing unsuitable or heavy clothing such as jeans which can become very heavy and uncomfortable when wet.
  3. Not Using Safety Equipment: Make sure to always use safety equipment such as life jackets correctly. Not using this equipment may increase the risk of accidents.
  4. Wearing Jewelry: Avoid wearing jewelry that comes off easily, such as earrings or long necklaces, which can become distracting during travel and increase the risk of injury.
  5. Carrying Valuables: Do not bring unnecessary valuables into the boat. Electronic equipment and other valuables may be damaged or lost during transit.
  6. Ignoring Health Conditions: If you have certain health problems or are in poor physical condition, avoid participating in rafting activities without first consulting a health professional.
  7. Ignoring the Surroundings: Remain aware of the surroundings, including rocks and river currents. Avoid taking careless actions that could harm the environment or other participants.
  8. Reckless Behavior: Avoid reckless behavior or causing trouble with other participants. Always maintain a positive and respectful attitude towards each other.
  9. Not Maintaining a Safe Distance: Maintain a safe distance between your boat and other boats. This helps prevent collisions and maintain control during the ride.

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