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Team Enthusiasm

Our team is not only professional, but also full of enthusiasm for their work. They have a passion for providing an extraordinary rafting experience and strive to make every participant feel happy and safe.

Connection with Nature

We are not just an ordinary rafting provider. We have a deep connection with the natural world around us. Our rafting guides are not only good at guiding, but also knowledgeable about the biodiversity, river ecology and natural history of the area.

Friendly Atmosphere

We create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We want every participant to feel like part of our rafting family. Simplicity and friendliness are the keys to every interaction with us.

Commitment to Safety

Participant safety is our top priority. We are committed to providing an exciting but safe rafting experience. Our guides are not only trained in rafting techniques, but are also trained to handle emergency situations quickly and efficiently.

Unique Experience

We don’t just offer ordinary rafting. We strive to provide a unique and unforgettable experience. Each of our rafting courses is designed to provide different challenges and excitement.

Responsive to Participants’ Wishes

We always try to customize the rafting experience according to the participants’ wishes and needs. We listen and respond to special requests with the utmost attention.

Proud Sense

We are proud to offer the best rafting services in West Java. Customer trust and team pride are key factors that encourage us to always provide the best.

All of these factors, when combined, create a rafting experience that is not only technically satisfying, but also emotionally and personally. We hope to provide you with an extraordinary rafting experience and change your views to trust us as the best rafting provider in West Java.

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-Jln. Rawa Mangun Muka Raya No. 5, Rawa Mangun, Jakarta Timur

– Jl. Kolonel Bustomi No.21, Cimande Hilir, Kec. Caringin, Kabupaten Bogor, Jawa Barat 16730

– Jln. Perumahan Taman Landungsari Indah No. 1, Kota Malang, Jawa Timur

Info join : 

0858-5549-4440 (Ibu Arina) 

0858-4027-8033 (Ibu Olla) 

0857-5505-9965 (Bpk Zidan) 

0895-1481-0211 (Bpk Muchtar) 

0858-5269-1077 (Bpk Faruq)

0878-3615-2078 (Ibu Dini)

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